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  1. chelsm89

    Thank you for this Marlena. I’ve been trying to lose weight all my life and I never stick with it.´╗┐ I fell off the bandwagon again over a month ago and have been feeling low ever since. Knowing that someone else truly has been where I am now gives me hope that I can get back on. ­čÖé

  2. Karicar90

    I find that by changing my mind set from getting skinny to getting healthy really helps. If i try to lose to get skinny i get frustrated because i didn’t lose the amount of weight i wanted. If i tell myself that i want to get healthy, i’ll stick with healthy choices´╗┐ and the weight will come off naturally. anyway i found this movie called hungry for change that really was inspirational! I hope you guys watch it here’s the link for a preview =)

  3. kiwipanda210

    I’m 180 right now and I´╗┐ want to get to 130…I’m 5’5″ too…hopefully I can reach that goal

  4. Latinachick214

    Marlena you are such an inspiration!!! Even though I don’t actually have weight to lose I like to watch you because it seems like you have become such a stronger person through this journey. Congrats on the 105 lbs lost! I am sure you will get down to your goal weight by the end of the year! My goal: to wear a 2 piece bathing suit (im 25, so I feel like its time :p) Keep up the good work. I have fallen in love with lifting weight, strength training. Good luck! You are´╗┐ an inspiration to us all!

  5. ashleyd3316

    Yes please do a weekly update!! I’m trying to get into it and start working out, and it’s such an inspiration and will keep me motivated to have a´╗┐ weekly video!!

  6. quedama

    this is wonderful. you´╗┐ are inspiration. i am 5’5″ and curvy. I weigh 230. I so am gonna use your tips and try to lose. Thanks for this

  7. sweetstkissez22

    We are so interested marlena,´╗┐ I’m so proud of you and inspired….thanks for sharing…I have 60 pounds to go til I hit my big goal!! I would love a list of the foods you eat!

  8. Gunganwoman

    Marlena – you have done an AMAZING job! You are´╗┐ a beautiful woman, inside and out. Thank you for sharing such a personal achievement with all of us, and for inspiring us with tips and information for those of us who also want to change our lives. You’re very kind. Best wishes for the rest of your journey xx

  9. pinkgloss03

    holy moly… YOU GO GIRL !´╗┐

  10. Jewel3482

    Marlena, you really are an inspiration. You’re´╗┐ beautiful inside and out just the way you are. Hang in there ! Your goal is right there. Keep up the good work.

  11. Meljade7

    I always´╗┐ love to hear how you’re going. Thank you for being brave enough to share your journey with us. <3

  12. Carolinebellekitty

    You are so beautiful Marlena! You have come a long way! You are so inspiring! You are super sweet too! I love all of your videos! Keep up the´╗┐ great work! You look beautiful and healthy.

  13. mermer3m

    try trop-a-rocka snapples´╗┐ they are so good :O

  14. missjoy36

    marlena do you have a video about how you take care of your hair,,it is beautiful and looks so healthy,,my hair is really dry well to me it is lol,,can you maybe do a video on how´╗┐ you keep your hair so healthy looking please,,thanks and congrates on your weight loss journey as i myslef im on that journey now,,100 pounds down 65 more to go,,ok talk enough got ta go lol

  15. ganjagirl118

    Thank u so much for sharing your weight loss videos´╗┐ ­čÖé they are very helpful & inspirational

  16. DevchonkaJesse21

    I would´╗┐ support regular updates just because I know it would motivate you so much more!
    Keep it up, it’s great to see your progress!

  17. CheetahChyc613

    Id like to hear updates and i loved you curvy girl´╗┐ outfit ideas!

  18. kmf134

    I’m glad that you did this update. You have been´╗┐ an inspiration to me. I’ve lost 40 pounds and I have 30 pounds to go.Thank you for being an inspiration and for making these video’s for us. You have done an amazing job keep it up!

  19. princessxpunz

    well done Marlena!! you were beautiful before the weightloss and you are drop dead gorgeous now! ive got about 30lbs to shift to get to my goal so ur encouragement n updates r brill!! xx´╗┐

  20. cbaughman07

    thanks so much for all your weight loss support and help. When I seen that you had started to lose weight and how much happier and healthier you looked and seemed to feel I said yea I can do this too. I wanted to feel the same, and with you as my inspiration I went from 365 (in sept. of 2010) to my current weight of 287. That is 88 pounds in 19 months and it all started because you posted your first video. I wanted to say´╗┐ thank you so much for helping me decide that I am strong enough to do it!!

  21. cbaughman07

    Way to go with your weight loss, many of us are so proud of you and your accomplishments!! Hope everything is going well on your trip and your having the time´╗┐ of your life.

  22. meggiemeg86

    You are amazing! You should be darn pround of yourself´╗┐ girl.

  23. Tawhid Joarder

    Alright there! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my´╗┐ work buddy got amazing Six pack abs and lost a ton of weight with it.

  24. lhoraney

    Marlena, so proud of you!!!´╗┐ Glad to hear that you want to get to a realistic weight and be able to maintain it. 160 is a very healthy weight.

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