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The REAL Secret to Weight Loss… (ShayAnswers Ep.4)

Episode 4: Eating Your Weight Loss Questions! Ask me anything you want about losing weight and feeling great. I’m not an expert, but I know a thing or two! — — Subscribe to SHAYCARL: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com — Shay Carl, Shayloss, Shaytards, weight loss, losing weight, la marathon, Shay, Carl, Maker Studios, free video, Shay Answers, exercise advice, health advice, eating well, proper fitness secret secrets lose fat

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  1. Archlvt

    Your body would feel better as a vegetarian, not because you’re eating less meat, but because you’re eating more fruits and vegetables. If you kept eating meat but also consumed more fruits and vegetables, you’d feel just as good. Not eating meat just forces you to eat more veggies.

  2. ashedpotatoes

    If ur like me and its a chore to exersise, what ive been doing is jogging in place and watching youtube videos on my ipod lol i think it kinda works 😀

  3. XxChantelley

    im planning on starting to run this summer and bike and stuff to loose weight and get in shape, and i actually just came across your videos the other day ( love them by the way haha) but anyways im not sure what i should start off doing. because i am extremley out of shape as of right now, so i know i should probably start of slow,. how many times a week running do you suggest to start with?

  4. CaseTurner

    What are your tips for someone who is just beginning to lose weight? Is bigger better in the beginning or do I need to start out small?

  5. fidorover

    Something that’s amazing to me: if you go back and look at the videos when Shay was 280, and compare them with the way he looks now, he now looks like the SON of fat Shay. So if losing weight for your health isn’t enough motivation, it makes you look younger too.

  6. DinoRain35

    Okay, so question: I know that a lot of people have this disconnect with their real body after they lose a lot of weight, has that happened to you? Like sometimes you might feel like your old self or did you have trouble dressing your new body?

  7. lorizdremtan

    so freakin cute

  8. Imadancer47

    Hi shay! I’ve been trying to do what you say about losing weight, and lately eating just fruits and veggies, I seem kinda hungry! Any tips to help me? Pretty please?

  9. HyperGal96

    @Imadancer47 Eat a lean protein if your hungry. Just try to eat based on the food pyramid and you’ll be goid

  10. grampaelmo


  11. jejoro30

    Hey Shay your looking for a challenge. How about the death race in Grande Cache, AB Canada. I’d run it with you if you want? Idk if I’m ready for this year but I could be ready for next year…?!?!

  12. chopopcherubii

    i think the missing beard has a thing or two to do with it as well. :B

  13. MrZayNev

    Hey Shay, I am 16, and I want to know what you did to lose weight. Did you start just walking or did you start going to the gym? And if you went to the gym, what did you do? If you walked, how far did you go? What did you do to start losing weight????

  14. anivoryprincess

    I’m at a good weight, but I am trying to get in shape! So, I have been training for a 5k!!! I’m so excited!!! I run 3 miles a day and I do sit-ups/ crunches in intervals of 10. It works for me! 😀

  15. gingerinferno24

    I think he answered this in another video, he started riding on his bike to get his fitness up and then when he thought he was ready he started running too 😛

  16. SoldierKnowsBestJrz

    only 2 questions answered :(

  17. meesterhoward

    my suggestion for ppl that find working out boring – listen to music while doing it. this has been my biggest thing that really gets me pumped and motivated. whether its biking, running or at the gym.

  18. jezikah666

    Hey Shay! I have no problem with the exercising – it’s the healthy eating!! I have selective eating disorder that i have been trying to get over for years, and at the moment, i just can’t find something healthy that I can keep down? just wondering if you’ve ever struggled eating something new and if/how you’ve been able to get past it? xx

  19. BoredyLOXxXx

    BUT SHAY! my mom wants a flat stomach(she is not fat, she just has belly fat, common problem in my country) and she tried EVERYTHING but I think her metabolism is low cuz it won’t go away. WHAT DOES A MAN DO

  20. Delusionul

    I’m on a diet and I eat a sandwich every day for lunch. (whole grain bread, turkey, and low fat cheeses) I thought that was pretty good for you?

  21. cappedkey

    omfg is that u??

  22. Theepicmurph

    how do u know?

  23. TheShotokanWarrior

    I’ve noticed that Taking in Pure Fat free/Protein Diet (Small meals) utilizes fat/carbs… aka Carb Cycle.. have a balance

  24. EvolutionCrashed

    do the marathon des sables !! (one of the hardest marathons in the world) That will definitely be a challenge… please do it 😉

  25. FlashoutLive

    True mate

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