Eating Healthy

Eating healthy

Full credits to Ryan & Novi from okcSDRmedia (YouTube channel: Natural healthy eating and living is important to the Most High. You are what you eat. Here’s a glimpse of His ‘pharmacy’. Vegan and vegetarianism are the way to go. For

Weight Loss Questions Answered

Weight Loss Q&A – Part 2

See Part 1 for my July 2012 Weightloss Update: 00 CANON CAMERA GIVEWAY IN JULY! Enter here: I occasionally write fitness journals on my blog: Subscribe to my Vlog channe for cooking videos and food hauls TWITTER:

Eating Healthy

Ellen Page – Eating Healthy on the Go

You think you have a busy schedule? Try juggling multiple film projects and traveling around the world! Ellen Page has great advice on how to choose healthy food options, when you have a busy schedule. Brought to you by

Eating Healthy


Jessica and Brandon going grocery shopping. Trying to buy healthy food and eat better to get stronger. Tomorrow we shall GTL starting at 4AM! See you in the morning. YESTERDAYS EPISODE: OUR ORIGINAL YOUTUBE SHOW: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

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