Weight Loss Questions Answered

My Weight Loss Story

www.MeganElizabeth.com So many people ask me “Exactly how did you lose all the weight?” and “How do you maintain your ideal weight now?”. Here’s my story of how I lost it, maintain it and what I do to stay fit. Like Me

Eating Healthy

How To Eat Organic Healthy on a Budget! | Whole Foods

Music: “Too Cool For School” by Jay Soul Check Out My Hair Channel! : youtube.com Catch Me on Twitter! : twitter.com Facebook! : www.facebook.com Blog! : www.Naptural85.com As promised, here’s my video on how I eat healthy organic food on a strict

Eating Healthy


Jessica and Brandon going grocery shopping. Trying to buy healthy food and eat better to get stronger. Tomorrow we shall GTL starting at 4AM! See you in the morning. YESTERDAYS EPISODE: www.youtube.com OUR ORIGINAL YOUTUBE SHOW: www.YouTube.com/BJTimes FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: www.Twitter.com/BJTimesshow

Eating Healthy

Healthy Eating Out & Tips Galore

How to eat healthier in restaurants, sweet saucy eats, motivation tips and more in this continued series. Subscribe! Share! Like! Comment! Embed! Twitter: twitter.com Roundorama: roundorama.com The Round Diet Book: tinyurl.com

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