Kissable Hot Abs Workout Challenge

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  1. oxana485

    I miss ZuZana ­čÖü Too.´╗┐

  2. Arradien

    Bring back Zuzanna or Retire´╗┐ this´╗┐ channel! No Zuzana?´╗┐ Unsubscribing right now.

  3. andrademeza

    zuzana does not want to´╗┐ do it anymore. so lisa has taken over. idk wat happened 2 that other girl tho.

  4. Manakaiser

    zuzana is very hot indeed, but that girl right here is rly charming and rly cute so i dont´╗┐ see the problem in the switch. If all you wanna do is jerk off to zuzanna instead of learning workouts, then theres over 500 vids with her alrdy uploaded. Should be plenty enough to keep you busy for a year at least.

  5. vivahonduras21

    Where did Zuzana go? Will she be´╗┐ back at all?

  6. dinagape

    looking at you..I think..I´╗┐ will never be skinny ..:(..God..:(

  7. Manakaiser


    susanna doing´╗┐ anal and´╗┐ pissing, no fake, youre welcome.

  8. MegaSelene95

    !* Hey can You send me the times of´╗┐ how long were sopost to do the abs worke outs for please ??????????????

  9. sofaykay

    you may miss Zuzana, but there is nothing wrong with Lisa. She is lots of fun and motavating, how would you feel if you were in Lisa’s position and over half the comments say “wheres Zuzana? “Zuzana is way better than her”, they are pretty much the same workouts so you guys need´╗┐ to get a grip

  10. sarahg667

    I like Lisa,´╗┐ she’s done a great job explaining and giving lots of options! ­čÖé keep the ab workouts coming

  11. truvibez

    This is´╗┐ brilliant. I can’t wait to try the variations. My abs crunches are fine but it’s always good to spice it up. I haven’t watched any videos since Zuzana but evidently Lisa knows exactly what she’s doing too! Their hard work is so inspiring!

  12. blueskiesgreeneyes

    her body is so sick i love the cuts´╗┐ that her body has she’s frickin ripped!!!

  13. GesseppeRivera

    Here at Prodigalinc com

    We all Enjoyed your video, good job!!´╗┐

  14. insight1337

    I like her, she is cute, she has a very nice body. But..´╗┐ i just miss Susana..

  15. anapao89

    she just looks like a skeleton because they take it to extreme levels. There is time when girls need to know when to stop and just maintain´╗┐ instead of keep losing…

  16. ididete91

    Lisa is extremely cute. And also fast thinking and very intelligent. Losing Zuzana was a bit traumatic for me too, but this girl is great and you can see she is a´╗┐ sweety.

  17. Tyler Lapointe

    This workout really is pretty killer, but you have to keep in mind that ab routines only build the muscle, not rid of the extra fat. I purchased Mike Geary’s Method ( an E-book with 106 pages of solid info about abs, diets, exercises) with fair skepticism, but it ended up revealing a plethora of information I could have been using for years to get ripped 10x faster. I would recommend´╗┐ it over any machine or supplements, because it skips the gimmicks. Check it here: howtogetridofthatfat. (info)

  18. thegotcode

    This is the last video we gonna see her small´╗┐ boob’s.

  19. Elizabeth valle

    make a nutritional food´╗┐ video ,whats your regular meals!

  20. lunaticladybc

    where is Charlie?The blond one? (if´╗┐ i am not mistaken)

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