This is it! Abs of steel, washboard abs, stronger core, no more back pain… whatever your goal is in terms of your abdominals, this workout is only 6 minutes and will be KEY in getting you there!! Try it every day for a week and let me know how you feel. SIX MINUTES PEOPLE!!! You know you have six minutes for your core ­čÖé Love, Amanda For the printable workout steps and article visit amanda-russell.com To stay ‘in the know’ with all my daily tips and motivation: Check out my Facebook and twitter for amazing give-aways of some of my favorite stuff!!! Follow Me! twitter.com Friend Me! www.facebook.com AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!! Music Courtesy of APM Music www.apmmusic.com

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  1. makeup242

    Hey amanda,´╗┐ I did this workout yesterday and today my bum and thighs really hurt but my abs don’t. Am I doing it wrong? xxx

  2. kateekatKASH

    I´╗┐ really want to thank you. All your workouts really get me motivated and they help me feel confident. Ive started eating better and exercising more, and even though im in pretty good shape, its made me feel a lot better.

  3. AmandaRussell

    @kateekatKASH That sounds amazing!´╗┐ Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!

  4. AmandaRussell

    @makeup242 Hmm. I would try it again, and really start using your abs. Use your abs to do everything. If you’re not feeling the exercises in the stomach,´╗┐ then keep re-adjusting. Try and get the form as much as possible.

  5. AmandaRussell

    @gumis1891 Thank you so much!!! What a sweet comment! If you keep at it, you will look GREAT this´╗┐ summer!

  6. Ineedtobethinful

    this´╗┐ works great for me , thank you!

  7. AmandaRussell

    @ineedtobethinful thanks for watching! ´╗┐

  8. imahugebelieber

    Thanks! I need to get in shape for bikini season after eating all that Easter candy lol. I tried your arms workout last night and I feel so much better and more´╗┐ energized. It definatly got my arms working lol. Im gonna try this tonight. (:

  9. chelsealange

    If I do these every day how long will it´╗┐ take to start seeing results?

  10. jhassee

    she kinda reminds me (looks and voice) of Nina Dobrev of the vampire´╗┐ diaries. #justsayin ­čśÇ

  11. AmandaRussell

    @imahugebelieber´╗┐ Amazing!!!! let me know how it goes!

  12. AmandaRussell

    @chelsealange it’s better to do this workout 3-4´╗┐ times a week WITH your cardio workout to get the BEST results!

  13. imahugebelieber

    It went´╗┐ good. Definatly got my abs burning lol. I love your workouts(:

  14. itsspecial11

    Amanda, I’ve been having trouble doing these because it’s a lot of straining´╗┐ on my neck, although, I know your not supposed to use your neck, but how do I do that? Please help!!

  15. AmandaRussell

    @itsspecial11 just really try and use your abs to do it! really do all the exercises from your´╗┐ stomach!

  16. AmandaRussell

    @adibajat awesome! so glad you´╗┐ found my workouts!!!!!

  17. thecelinabean

    I made a workout routine of yours and CarlieStylez’s workouts! So motivated! <3´╗┐

  18. AmandaRussell

    @thecelinabean Awesome!!! I’d´╗┐ love to see it!

  19. AmandaRussell

    I would´╗┐ just say, make your back as flat as possible on the ground, and really use your abs. Don’t let your back do the work!

  20. toomuchtv93

    for some reason, i have a very hard time´╗┐ not straining my neck when doing ab exercises. any tips? (btw, you’ve totally inspired me, thank you!)

  21. AmandaRussell

    @akela221 Yay!!! So glad to hear´╗┐ it!

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