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  1. SayehSharelo

    your welcome 🙂

  2. SayehSharelo

    start using it!!!! its awesome

  3. SayehSharelo

    haha well when you workout you also have to eat healthy too!! aww thank you your so sweet! your welcome love 🙂

  4. MsDancegirl1234

    Can u get the abb workout circle from coquitlam centre??

  5. SayehSharelo

    yes!!!!! 😀 i think its beside the bay?? its a small store called ” seen on tv” 🙂

  6. MissMaxine91

    how much is the ab circle??? where to get it??

  7. loveforbeeuty

    p90x is so easy! try insanity (:

  8. TiiNkErBeLlSEVENTeeN

    Wats a p90x i wanna start to loose weight but i cant go to the gym i only have just dance n i heard thats a good way to exercise but i wanna try new things

  9. SayehSharelo

    lol well it is once you get into it!! :p

  10. SayehSharelo

    im not sure how much it was but i’m certain it was not expensive… i ordered it online!

  11. SayehSharelo

    thank you!

  12. TiiNkErBeLlSEVENTeeN

    How much is the p90x?

  13. SayehSharelo

    like 200 bucks hahaha 🙁 i dont remember what i got it for tho, might have been on sale!

  14. newportcitybeach

    you’re wearing a school sweater. ppl might search what school u go to and stalk you….. :O

  15. SayehSharelo

    lol i doubt it!!! :p 

  16. ramsarupbhai

    You are like a fitness guru! Well done! 🙂

  17. ramsarupbhai

    You can try dancercise 🙂

  18. majitoo33

    i reallyy want to buy the ab circle pro but somee people say that it hurts your knees and it is kinda uncomfortable.. is it truee? i loove your videos btw <3

  19. SayehSharelo

    haha thank you so much!! <3 uhm…. no not really, if you wear long pants it doesnt hurt at all :p

  20. GeeverMc

    You have such a beautiful face, typical Iranian lady

  21. SayehSharelo

    haha aw thank you so much :$ !!

  22. GeeverMc

    I look like shit in my vid, but what do you think of English accents? I have been out with one Iranian lady; I was last in The US, the world’s best country, in April in NH, Mass and NY

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