Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Everyone’s budget has gotten tighter. Americans have seen a significant increase in price for most groceries. So how do you still eat healthy on a budget and try to save money as well? Mandel Smith shares tips on where to shop, buying


INTENSE 5 Min Home Abs Workout – MIKE vs. SHANNON!

The Six Pack “Shortcut?” Since a lot of you have requested to see more females in the videos, I brought in my friend Shannon to help me on this one! We do a intense, HEAD-TO-HEAD home workout together. You can do


Ab Exercises For Men Ab Workouts For Men

Get ab exercises for men at One of the simplest but toughest ab exercises for men is dragging a heavy sled for distance. Your abs have to work overtime so you actually move the sled. Include it into your ab workout

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