The Best Beginner’s Abs Workout with Stability Ball

From www.sparkpeople.com, a core workout with our own Coach Nicole! This video will lead you through a 5-minute exercise routine that targets and tones your abs and obliques. If you’re new to using a stability ball, then this is a great way


15 Best Abs Exercises

How to Get Six Pack Abs hardtimeshardbodies.com Click Here to Claim your FREE fitness gifts, abdominal exercises explanation and muscle building PDF reports. Start slow. Set realistic goals. Do a total of 50 repetitions of abs exercises daily for the first week,

Eating Healthy

Tony Roberts on “Eating Healthy”

View profile at: looklaugh.comAcademy Award winner Jamie Foxx hosts this hilarious collection of comedy featuring today’s hottest freshest comedians as seen on Showtime from the country’s longest running most outragous urban comedy festival. Purchase Full DVD at Amazon.com: tinyurl.com brought to you

Weight Loss Questions Answered

Fast Weight Loss Tips

Here are the top 3 Fast Weight Loss Tips. Find more fitness videos at diet.com or own this video for just {video_description}.75! *Sponsor: Lose More in Less Time – www.diet.com Start your new years resolution off right with a healthy lifestyle diet


How To Workout Your Abs Without Buying Stupid Crap

In the words of Monty Python…and now for something completely different! I realize I haven’t made a lot of videos lately, but I have another hobby that’s taking away from my YouTube time. It involves some pretty serious training, so I’ve had

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