Weight Loss Questions Answered

Lose Weight Marlena’s Way :)

Here’s some sample meals plans- hope they help! www.makeupgeek.com PLEASE do not think I’m a health expert or that my way is the only way- everyone is different and loses weight differently, so get with your doctor and/or nutritionist to see what


Intense Home Ab Workout

This is a thorough routine for the abdominal muscles. The routine consists of exercises that isolate the three main areas of the core: the lower abs, the obliques, and the upper abs. Remember that it takes more than a solid ab workout

Eating Healthy

How To Eat Healthy

Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from CinemaSlam and more videos in the Better Health category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at www.howcast.com


Britney Spears’ Ab Workout Revealed Video

Britney Spears Abs Routine. *Sponsor: Lose More in Less Time – www.diet.com Find more fitness videos at diet.com Exercise like Britney Spears with this workout celebrity personal trainers have prescribed for the mother of two. This quick and easy ab routine will

Weight Loss Questions Answered

How I lost 90 pounds and kept it off

My complete tips and recipes are here: www.makeupgeek.com Follow my updates on twitter: www.twitter.com You CAN lose weight, makeup geeks! It’s very hard, but possible 🙂 As you can see, I still have a good 40 pounds to lose- it takes time

Weight Loss Questions Answered

My Weight Loss Plan

Lost 3.4 lbs. this week for a total loss of 14.4 lbs. I was sick this week, so can’t take direct credit for that loss, but I’m happy things are moving in the right direction regardless.

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